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Stravinsky - The Rite of Spring & Petrushka


The Rite of Spring
Part 1: Adoration of the Earth 

[1] Introduction 
[2] Auguries of Spring
[3] Ritual of Abduction
[4] Spring Round Dances
[5] Ritual Games between Rival Tribes
[6] Procession of the Wise Elder & Kiss of the Earth
[7] Dance of the Earth

Part 2: The Sacrifice 
[8] Introduction
[9] Mystic Circles of the Young Girls
[10] Glorification of the Chosen One
[11] Evocation of the Ancestors
[12] Ritual of the Ancestors
[13] Sacrificial Dance (The Chosen One)

[14] Scene 1: The Shrovetide Fair
[15] The Showman's Conjuring Trick
[16] Russian Dance
[17] Scene 2: Petrushka's Cell
[18] Scene 3: The Blackamoor's Quarters
[19] The Ballerina's Dance
[20] Waltz (Ballerina & Blackamoor)
[21] Scene 4: The Shrovetide Fair (evening)
[22] Wet Nurses' Dance
[23] Peasant with Bear
[24] Dance of the Gypsy Girls
[25] Dance of the Coachmen & Grooms 
[26] Masqueraders
[27] Death of Petrushka



Nettle & Markham's recording of Igor Stravinsky's own piano duet version of Petrushka was used by The Little Angel Theatre in Islington, London, to present John Agard's Petrushka in 2009/2010.

Petrushka is a special puppet living in life without strings, but he yearns for true freedom beyond the control of his puppet master and for love in the arms of his elusive ballerina. Drawing on the anarchic Russian character and using a host of colourful puppets, Petrushka re-tells the story made famous by the Stravinsky -scored ballet.

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