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nettle & markham in england


ADDINSELL* Warsaw Concerto

GRAINGER  Country Gardens, English Waltz,

Handel in The Strand,  Lincolnshire Posy:

Lisbon, The Brisk Young Sailor, The Lost Lady Found

VAUGHAN WILLIAMS* Fantasia on Greensleeves
Façade: Popular Song, Tango-Pasodoble,

Old Sir Faulk, Swiss Yodelling Song,  Polka

NICHOLAS* Quiet Peace No.1
DRING Fantastic Variation on Lilliburlero No.1
BRIDGE* Sally in our Alley
COATES* By the Sleepy Lagoon
BLAKE Dances: Slow Ragtime, Folk Ballad 
GAY* The Lambeth Walk
SCOTT Lotus Land
LAMBERT Siesta (3 Pieces negres)
BRITTEN: Mazurka Elegiaca
WARLOCK* Pavane (Capriol)

 [ * arr. N&M]

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