P i a n o  D u o

Nettle  &  Markham


1979 - 2019




The expertise and wealth of experience they bring to the concert platform coupled with the originality of their approach in this specialist medium gives them universal appeal. Almost unique among piano duos they have forged highly successful careers on both sides of the Atlantic, and Nettle & Markham - Britain's foremost piano duo - continue to be one of the most satisfying and entertaining partnerships before the public today.


Their vitality, remarkable ensemble, infectious enthusiasm and musical integrity ensures their continued popularity throughout the musical world.

British pianists David Nettle & Richard Markham have been performing together for four decades, one of a handful of international ensembles whose dedication and commitment have stood the test of time.

Nettle & Markham Tour with Pianos in the USA, Europe and the UK


Nettle & Markham are very experienced in touring with their own pianos.  Their own Steinway Model D Concert Grand can be used for duet recitals or stand alongside a similar resident instrument for two-piano performances.  Also they can transport their very rare Pleyel Double Piano. Read more...

The instrument can be best described as two overstrung pianos in one rectangular case and measures 1.53m/5 feet (the normal keyboard width by 2.9m/9 feet 7 inches. It has a combined soundboard, one large rectangular lid to reflect the sound and a keyboard at each end.  Read more...

Nettle & Markham are now celebrating their 40th Anniversary.  Already accomplished solo pianists winning prizes in National and International Competitions, David and Richard's first duo performances took place in 1977; within a few years they had performed on four continents. Read more...

Nettle & Markham's varied and wide-ranging repertoire for Two Pianos, Piano Duet, Concertos with Orchestra and Works with Choir can be found here as well as various musical projects undertaken over the years.  Read more... 

Nettle & Markham's highly-praised recordings are listed here, with track titles, sound clips and details on ordering products from this site.  Read more...


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